Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love You More Than Applesauce

Happy Valentine's Day!  Ironically, it is happy for everyone except Summer (pictured above, in VDay deelybobbers she later consumed), who is spending her day at the vet getting her teeth cleaned.  Vista seems vaguely concerned that I might decide to drive her into Virginia and leave her there, too.  Worry not, Vista.  Your teeth are ridiculously clean.

Anyway, on the subject of things which rot your teeth, here is my very favourite poem, from a book of Valentine's Day poetry by Jack Prelutsky that my mom gave me when I was little.  This was always my favourite one, because I enjoy both love and sugar.  It's also formed the basis on which I base my declarations of love.  If I tell you "I love you more than applesauce," take it in the context of someone who both really, really loves applesauce and this poem.

I Love You More Than Applesauce
I love you more than applesauce,
Than peaches and a plum,
Than chocolate hearts,
And cherry tarts,
And berry bubble-gum.

I love you more than lemonade,
And seven-layer cake,
Than lollipops,
And candy drops,
And thick vanilla shake.

I love you more than marzipan,
Than marmalade on toast;
For I love pies
Of any size,
But I love you the most.

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  1. You just made my day, Kelly Anne--by posting both this picture and this poem. Favorite poem and picture of Summer ever created.

    Love YOU more than applesauce.