Wednesday, December 8, 2010

VISTAs in Profile: Roxy Todd

While at a VISTA meeting last week, I decided I would attempt to use this blog for VISTA-related good, and thus begins what will hopefully be a series of little profiles about my fellow Pocahontas County VISTAs.  Why?  Because the whole lot is pretty awesome, in my very biased opinion.  To start the series, this is Roxy, a VISTA based in near(ish)by Elkins, and the newest addition to our little crew.
Home town: Smyrna, TN
Background: She studied creative writing and education at Warren Wilson College and is a massage therapist
Why here? Roxy was trying to escape "the plastic world of suburbia."  She loves places with roots, and her boyfriend is originally from West Virginia.
How she's going to save the world: “I learned long ago not to worry as much about saving the world as much as to enjoy understanding and writing about it.”
Why she's awesome: This is Roxy's second term as a VISTA; she moved here from Missoula, Montana. In Montana, she worked with high schoolers on a project encouraging them to ride bikes, skateboard, walk, and take public transportation.
Project: Rebirth of the Federal Writers' Project
How you can help: Roxy wants to find out what people like to show their friends and family when they come to visit; what they're proud of about where they live. Her focus is on the Route 219 corridor through Randolph and Pocahontas Counties, and she's looking for what about the history of the area appeals to the people who live here.

If you have stories or other material you'd like to contribute to Roxy's project, feel free to leave a comment on this post or e-mail me at periwinkled (at) gmail (dot) com.  You don't have to be from here originally to contribute, either!  The project's just getting started, so any contributions would be very welcome!

Thanks for letting me pester you with questions, Roxy!

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