Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dog Meets Beach

Update: still sleep-deprived, still stupid.  Broke out the advent calendar this morning, so breakfast was taken care of--woo chocolate!  Here are two more doggie videos, this time consisting of considerably more doggies.  A 200% increase in doggies.
My aunt has four dogs, all boys.  This video is a bit lengthy (I'd just gotten up and was still stumbling around), but you get to see all of the pups.  Oh, and notice my aunt's porch set-up.  Upon arriving at the house, Vista ran full speed into both the screened and the plate glass doors, poor thing.  In the case of the sliding glass door, she slammed her head into it three time in quick succession.  Took her a minute to figure the thing out.
I spent a week at the beach this summer, but Vista did not, so this was her first introduction to the ocean. She figured out quickly that it was water, but not terribly tasty water.  She could not, for the life of her, figure out why it wouldn't stay still.  Eventually, she gave up and chased birds up and down the beach.

She's been in canine withdrawal since we got home.  Her only company has been a dog belonging to one of the apprentices at the shop, who is very shy and doesn't want to be friends with Vista.  It's all very tragic, the life of a dog.

Anyway, Happy December, all!  I am allowing myself to listen to Christmas music today.  It's even snowing outside.  Now if I could just retake my place among the human race.  I know I left it around here somewhere...


  1. You've made your best friend very happy today, Miss Kelly Anne, by posting these videos.

    I bet Santa's going to bring you something awfully nice in return!

    PUPPIES! I love puppies. I particularly love my niece, Fiddler, and Tripp.

  2. Tripp is the best of the boys. The best, and the worst. Love that little lion man.