Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here's Your Blog Post, Ma

My phone rang yesterday while I was watching a movie about the music of Appalachia.  It was my mother, worried because she hadn't heard from me.  Now to understand the oddness of this call, you have to understand that my mother is not the sort of parent who wants her children permanently tangled in her apron strings.  My mom is all about my independence, probably even more than I am.  When I first went away to college, I called home fairly often.  I love my mom, and wanted to hear her voice.  Her response to one such call was, "What are you calling me for?  You're in college, go to a party, get into trouble!"  That's my mom.

I still call her, but nowhere near as often as I did in those days.  I assumed this was a system that worked for both of us, so I was startled by the reason for her call, especially considering I'm driving home tonight for the weekend.  "I haven't heard anything from you!" she exclaimed.  I was still trying to puzzle out why this was unusual.  "And you haven't updated your blog!"

Ahhhhhhhh.  Well, here, Mama.  Here's the most interesting this I did this weekend:
The lovely Miss Jamie, Opera House VISTA and today's birthday girl, suggested an impromptu drive up the Scenic Highway.  So we did.
And it's forever as beautiful as I remember it.

(And if I'm been silent here and you're missing me, for some reason, chances are I've piped up one way or another on my other blog, or my tumblr.)

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