Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Puppets And Potluck

(Hope you like photos, because there are lots of them in this post!)
The Old Schoolhouse is located down the road a spell from Marlinton, in Mill Point, and it's one of my favourite places out here.  Under one woman's care and dedication, it has become a warm and welcoming place for folks to gather, eat, drink, dance, or jam.  On Monday, it was given over to a potluck in honor of Brian Keith, a puppeteer from the Tears of Joy Theatre in Portland, OR, in town touring a show called Little One Inch.
If there's one thing that Pocahontas County does, and does well, it is potlucks.  I don't know that I'd ever actually made something for a potluck before moving here, so the frequency of them is constantly challenging to my lack of culinary creativity.  But I do love how you never know what you'll end up eating at one of these!
Once the food was dispensed with, the puppets came out.  From silhouettes to marionettes to sock puppets, there were plenty about to play with.
 (Please forgive the blurriness of most of these--it was dark and the flash on my camera is so harsh that I usually don't use it.)
The evening wound down after a piano that had been sitting on the porch was moved inside and Jamie played a little ragtime for us.  All in all, a fun, creative night!  You can expect to see more of the schoolhouse, if I can remember to keep bringing my camera along!

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