Monday, September 27, 2010

In Which There Is (Debatably) Roadkill

Saturday was the second of Marlinton's two annual festivals, the Autumn Harvest Festival and Roadkill Cookoff.  I've been assured that no actual roadkill was consumed, though I did not make it close enough to the mobbed food tents to determine for myself.  I should note that I do very poorly with crowds, and MAN was there ever a crowd out there!  So these photos are all from the hour or so I managed before running home in a panic to hide.
See?  Crowds.  This was taken from outside the Pocahontas Woods booth.
One of our board members, Ernie, with the booth.
Inside the booth.
There was axe-throwing outside of the Opera House!
Opera House VISTA Jamie showing us how it's done.
Before handing the axe off to Kate.
Who also showed us how it was done.

So much fun!  Vista was with me, and completely in heaven.  Folks were walking around with big bags of pork rinds and kids were running about toting spray-painted "guns" made of PVC pipe, shooting marshmallows at each other.  It was a good place to be a dog, although--unfortunately for Vista--not one with an agoraphobic owner.  Hopefully her evening playdate made up for it--photos soon!

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