Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Which I Conquer a Washing Machine

The last few days have been spent settling in, both at the house and at my assignment. If you're eagle-eyed, you might have noticed the little list of links appear to the right of the posts on the blog, all of them having something to do with my new job or my adopted town.

The Locust Hill Bed & Breakfast is where my parents stayed the night after helping me move in. It's simply beautiful, and the food was fantastic. Dave and Paula Zorn, the owners, are both massage therapists--you can bet I'll be checking out the spa options when my birthday rolls around! All in all, I highly recommend it if you feel like a little mountain getaway.

It rained pretty much nonstop from Sunday to Tuesday, but the ice cream social put on by the Go Marlinton folks went off regardless. My roomie and I attended, and ice cream was consumed, even though it was WAY too cold for it! We also picked up a couple of packets of wild flower seeds, which we'll plant as soon as we're sure the freezes are done for the year. It's been so cold, it seems like that day will never arrive!

Marlinton has two dollar stores, which are referred to by my site supervisor's wife as "Nordstrom" and "Neiman Marcus." I have to say, compared to the dollar stores where I'm from, these are the height of luxury! They have everything from stationary to groceries. Mrs. H, the aforementioned wife, has decided to be my Marlinton mom. Evidently, my lack of pots and pans has been keeping her awake at night, so she kidnapped me this morning for a trip to "Neiman Marcus" to rectify the situation. She treated me to a set of pots, a pan, some bag clips, a dish rack, and a little hand-held mixer. I didn't say so at the time, but all of these things will play a part in the blondies I'm making to thank her and the folks who let me use their bathroom when we first arrived in town to a house with no water. I also somehow came away from the excursion with a hanging spider plant, so perhaps my porch won't be quite so bare now.

My most exciting day was Monday, when we got our water turned on (FINALLY) and I decided to hook up the washing machine, despite having no idea how one goes about hooking up a washing machine. The end result was a slightly damp kitchen, muddy boots, and a comprehensive knowledge of the location of every valve in the house. Oh, and a functioning washer. I suppose that's important. Then, because my back didn't quite hurt as much as I figured it could, I also tackled the bathroom. I daresay that bath and toilet had never been as clean as they are now. Now if we could just get the toilet off the porch, the kitchen faucet fixed, and the internet hooked up we'd be golden.

Because of our current lack of internet, the best way to keep up on my odd little life is to follow me on Twitter. I can update it from my phone, so it's a little more current than this blog at the moment.


  1. Toilet on the porch, you say? Interesting. I prefer the privacy of my bathroom, behind the closed door, but to each his own. I know how to install toilets inside, should you change your mind.
    (this is Tamar, btw)

  2. Oh, we have a toilet inside. Two, in fact. This one is in two pieces. Our own little bonus, I suppose. It's our hick decoration for one side of the porch. The broken fridge is the other. (I know, hello!)