Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Which There Is Fur

This the little turkey who followed me to work this morning, all the way down 3rd Avenue from the hardware store.  She looked as though she'd spent the night outside, but was fine and healthy-looking otherwise.  She had no interest in any of the houses on the street, and when I invited her in the shop, she acted as if she'd never been in a building before.

A walk to the humane society revealed that someone had left a dog tied outside their building the night before with a note, but when they'd arrived this morning, the rope had been chewed through and the dog was gone.  Our girl found me less that two blocks from there.  That's a bit too much coincidence for me to swallow.  She's been with me all day, and has proven to be perfectly sweet and calm.  She makes friends with everyone and when nothing's going on, plops down and goes to sleep.  If she is the dog from the shelter, then she's about 10 months old, which seems right on the money.

My roommate who's here (the other one arrives this weekend) has fallen in love with her already, so now we're just waiting to hear from our landlord.  I don't want to name her yet, just in case I have to find her another home.  For now, I'm just enjoying her quiet company.

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