Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Home

After two days of driving, and half a day of flying, by the time I got back to DC Sunday night, I was not feeling great.  That's an understatement, actually.  I was feeling like some sort of un-Kelly, less than me and not quite human.  And there was no way I was climbing into another car, no sir.  So, with my boss's ok, I stayed in VA through Halloween.  I had doctors to visit, kittens to cuddle, and cookies to bake.
Everything in my mom's house gets decorated.  Even the peoples.
By the actual night, everyone had abandoned ship, leaving only Vista, the cat, and I to distribute Halloween candy.  Since Vista herself had consumed all of the candy my mom had bought, I restocked, emptying the bags into a gigantic orange basket.  Halloween at my parents' is notorious inconsistant.  Sometime we get mobbed and run out of candy in minutes, and other years we see nary a trick-or-treater, leaving us with tons of leftover candy.  So I was worried.
But I guess I did well--here's all that was left!

But now Vista and I are back in town.  We may have missed Halloween, but we're ready for the Day of the Dead!


  1. I particularly love the fact that you allowed my niece up on your bed for the picture.

    She's a very lucky girl!

  2. The Mexican blanket is actually her blanket. So she's allowed up when it's there. You'll notice the crate is nowhere in sight, actually.

  3. Is my girl all grown up and allowed to sleep on her Mama's bed now?

  4. It's a matter of pragmatism. It gets very cold here, and she is very warm.