Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Which I Wander Around Washington

This past weekend, I went home for a few days.  There was no real reason in particular, except that a friend was having a birthday thing and I actually enjoy spending time with my parents.  As always, there were animal shenanigans, and I'll devote another post to that.  But first: Saturday.

Since I knew I would be venturing into DC for the evening on Saturday, I looked around for other things I might do downtown.  As it happened, I was in luck!  Crafty Bastards, the annual outdoor craft fair put on by the Washington City Paper, was going on, and it's one of my favourites to hit.  Julia, a friend from grad school, and I arranged to meet at a local landmark.
Would you believe that in my whole life I've never actually eaten at Ben's?  It will happen someday, I'm sure.  It's pretty to look at from the outside, anyways.
We made the trek to the fair, and dove right in.  Above, the Bookstruction booth.
This is the Fuzzy Ink booth, where Julia and I entered to win a giant stuffed mustache (because why not?) and I walked away with a pretty sweet tee.

We also ran into some other friends, ate hot dogs, talked to the puppies up for adoption, browsed every single booth, and even bought some more stuff.
Then we sadly went our separate ways; C and Adam (above) to buy wine, Julia to scan slides at school, and me to a roller derby.

Yes, that's right, a roller derby.  Are you excited for weekend post number two?  Stay tuned!


  1. I don't know, though. As sensitive to spicy as you are, even Ben's chili (which I consider to be quite mild) might not be enjoyable for you. It was a bit on the hot side for Marley, I know, though she enjoyed it.

  2. Why you gotta be a downer, Adam?