Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Happy Little Freak Of Nature

In Vista's opinion, her weekend might have been even more exciting than mine.  She got to hang out with her cousins, chase a bird that got into the house around the kitchen, ate full servings of Chinese take-out while I was away from the car for twenty minutes on the way back, and then played herself into a coma with a surprise canine houseguest.  Heck, the cat even let her love on him a little.
This is the sort of precaution my parents take when Vista comes to visit.  Because if you've never seen my dog jump, know this: she's basically a bloody gazelle.  I've never seen a dog jump like she can, and she scoffs at fools who think a baby gate can contain her.  Two, maybe, if they were stacked on top of one another.  On Saturday, when the bird was in the house, she apparently jumped from four feet flat on the group onto the kitchen counter.  There are days the cat doesn't even make that jump.

My dog is a freak of nature.
But she's a happy one.  She and Lani had pretty much exhausted themselves by Sunday.
Here's Sam the cat not scratching her in the face!  Oh boy!
He does love dogs, he's just not too sure about her.
He decided he liked me, though.  Briefly.
Sunday night, the girls decided to switch it up and slept in each other's beds.
I'm pretty sure this was taken before she ate all of my beloved leftover Wu's beef with broccoli.  I had plans for that food, Vista.  Eating plans.
This is Ace.  She spent the weekend with my roommate Emily.
I think she and Vista got on alright.
Aw, lookit my scary dog!  What a mean, vicious cutie pie!
Uh, whoa.  I wouldn't call her cutie pie, if I were you, Ace.  I don't think she likes it.
A headlock is kind of like cuddling, right?
Ugh, come on, I'm just trying to get comfortable here.
Thaaaaat's better.  Hopefully we'll get to see Ace again sometime.  She's a sweet girl!

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