Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Ready For Snow

Last week it was still pretty much summer, and then all of a sudden this week is got ridiculously cold.  I mean the two-comforters-on-the-bed, leggings-under-your-jeans kind of cold.  Yesterday I got word that Snowshoe had their first snowfall of the season.  Granted, it was just flurries and WAY up the mountain from where we are, but it still bodes ill.  Last year's first snowfall was two weeks later, and look how that winter turned out.

Don't get me wrong, I adore winter and especially snow, but it's OCTOBER, for pity's sake.  Let me enjoy the autumn for a little bit before I need to drag out the long underwear and down coat, huh?  Call back in a month of two, then I'll be ready for you.
It is pretty, I'll give it that.


  1. Yikes! Even in Erie, PA--land of the lake effect snow--it usually didn't start pouring from the sky until Halloween. Hopefully Fall will come back for a while and then we'll all have reasonably tolerable winters.

  2. I am REALLY REALLY hoping that will be the case. Because at the moment I can't actually feel my fingers. And I think I left my knitted-by-Julia wrist worms at home!!

  3. Um, Kelly Anne...why is it snowing where you are?

    You are not allowed to get snowed in to the point that your best friend cannot reach you in case of an emergency.

    Unless you get snowed in with a handsome, kind, single man stranger that looks like Christian Bale. And you fall in love and decide to get married.

    Then I'm okay with it as long as I get to be a bridesmaid and wear a pretty dress and have flowers in my hair.

    And I get to be one of your children's favorite aunties.