Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overheard in the Woodshop

One of my favourite things about commuting on the Metro every day was the conversations I'd overhear.  I keep up with the conversations via a couple local blogs, but I overhear some pretty hilarious things in the shop.  So here's your first edition of Overheard in the Woodshop.

John: Last year I grew an eggplant that looked like Richard Nixon. (It's true, he brought us proof.)

John: I went looking for sandpaper in my van and found an ear of corn.

A client has brought us a castle "room box" to repair, and it's pretty impressive.  Three stories with an attic and a tower.  However, the tower, we found, has a disturbing tendency to fall over.
Colt: I guess Rapunzel lives up there.
Mikey: Guess we gotta rescue her so she can marry a frog.
Colt: I thought we had to marry her.
Mikey: Oh, alright.
Colt: Reaches for the tower, toppling it over.  Dang, I killed Rapunzel.  He picks it up and finds it unbroken.  Nevermind, she's okay.
Mikey: When you get out of the hospital, I'm marryin' your ass.

Jessica (Mikey's wife): I've got a bee problem--all these bees keep getting in the house!
Mikey: You know why they keep getting in, right?
Jessica: No, why?
Mikey: 'Cause you got a sweet husband.
Jessica: ...
Mikey: They're honey bees.
Jessica: You stop that.
Mikey: You ain't never gonna get rid of them.

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