Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Roller Derby And Rocket Bars

I don't know why I decided to check and see whether the DC Rollergirls had a match this weekend, but I did, and they did, and Sam got roped into it, and much fun was had by all!  If you're unfamiliar with roller derby, here's a quick video introduction into the flat track variety:
And here's what the bout looked like from where we were sitting:
That's Scare Force One out there.

The DC Demoncats.
The Demoncats versus the Cherry Blossom Bombshells.
The score late in the game--the Demoncats won!
Sam rocking my shades on the way back to Alexandria.  After the bouts, we went back to Sam's stomping grounds for a dinner of delicious crepes at Fontaine's.  During our brief stop at his condo, I got into his Halloween costume, and Sam was stuck with this ridiculous creature for the rest of the night:
The day's last stop was Rocket Bar in Chinatown, which was huge and fun, despite the disturbing presence of big game hunting arcade games.  I tried to get a game of Clue started, but it didn't take.  My companions were right to fear me, for I am the best at Clue.
Adam, Sam, and Peter.  They are the best dudes I know, just the best.  I managed to completely fail to get a photo of the birthday boy David, but let it be stated for the record that he's pretty rockin' too!

And that, my friends, is my weekend in two posts.  Basically.  My mom and I did our usual (which is not to say boring--this stuff is the best part of coming home) British murder mystery-watching and movie-catching thing, and Dad bought us dinner, too.  And yeah, it was animal cuddle central, but that will be covered in the third weekend post--the one about Vista's visit with the cousins.