Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Which I Long For Water

When I moved back in May, I was still laboring under the impression that it didn't get hot in the mountains.  HA.  It's been in the nineties everyday this week, and please don't tell me it's hotter other places.  I grew up in the shadow of DC, where, like the Eskimos and snow, we have hundreds of words just to describe "humid."  Also: do you have air conditioning where you live?  That's what I thought.

The photo was taken last spring on an equally hot day back home, when I dragged the sprinkler out of the garage and shamelessly ran through it like a maniac in my backyard.  Leilani wasn't as keen on the running through, but she was all about drinking that cool, sweet water.  A feeling I can certainly relate to now!  I unearthed this photo in order to submit it to the Amateur Photography Contest here in town, part of the 44th Annual Pioneer Days.  It's kind of a big deal out here.  Anyway, to see this photo and the others I submitted (and whether they won anything), drop into McClintic Library on Friday or Saturday!

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  1. Forget the dog! I want to see photos of you running around like a maniac!