Friday, July 23, 2010

A Visit To The Humane Society

Just a little friendly warning: if you don't like dogs, turn away now.  This post is ALL about dogs.

My boss, Mr. H, and his wife love Vista.  Like, they offer me large amounts of money and threaten to dog-nap her love.  Since I'm clearly not giving her up, we took a little walk over to the Pocahontas County Humane Society (where Vista originally escaped from, if you recall) to visit the dogs.  Because the PCHS doesn't have its own building, just space in the local rec center and a trailer for offices, the dogs are kept in runs when it's nice outside.  They were still outside when we arrived.
I didn't get photos of all of the dogs, but I did get a few.  Aside from one frightened fellow, every one was good-tempered and friendly.
 This dude was young, enthusiastic, and SO sweet.  Reminded me a lot of Vista, actually.
Sorry for the blur--this guy was hard to snap a photo of, he couldn't keep still!
This pretty girl was so calm and sweet.  She's clearly a lab mix, but much shorter and stockier than a lab.
And this is a rotten photo, but it's the only one I got of Gizmo, and I had to include her.  I am a big dog person.  I think large dogs generally have much better personalities than small dogs.  However, Gizmo is as sweet, calm, and un-yappy as they come.  She looks like a beagle, only miniturized, and is the smiliest little thing.
Another sweet girl, with the bluest eyes and prettiest brindle coloring.
The larger dogs are mostly kept in the runs.  There are a lot of gorgeous hounds, like this fellow!  He and his companion were so sweet.
These guys were obviously siblings--a boy and a girl, both short, stocky lab mixes with sweet personalities.  Amidst the mad barking of their neighbors, these two were nice and quiet.
I believe this is Jasper.  Such a handsome boy!  He was very enthusiastic, but responded promptly to my "down" command.  All of the big hounds did, actually.
Finally, Everest.  Everest is, as you might expect but probably can't tell from the photo, huge.  Huge, happy, friendly.  He likes to jump, and his size makes that a dangerous prospect, so whoever adopted him would need to correct that right away.  But oh, he was so sweet.  He and Reesie, another pit mix, just about stole the beating heart right out of my chest.  I have a weakness for big, sweet, block-headed dogs.

If you are in the county or environs and are on the lookout for an ideal canine companion, I highly recommend checking out the dogs at the PCHS.  I was so impressed with their temperaments--each and every one of them is so deserving of a forever home.

As for Mr. and Mrs. H, they're considering.  We'll see how it goes!

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