Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vista Weighs In

As Vista comes into her own not just as my dog, but as a family dog (versus a resident dog), she's figuring things out.  She's still very clingy and makes a ridiculous amount of noise when left alone, but at least she's finally learning to play.  The day she came home with me, I gave her a plastic bottle to chew on because they were Leilani's favourite toys when she was a pup.  They're recyclable, small enough to carry around, and make a TON of noise.  Vista wasn't interested in it, however.  Not then.

This week, all of that changed.  Vista got her jaws around an empty water bottle and a new toy was born.  To give you an idea of what I put up with because it makes my dog happy, I present the following as evidence:

On the upside, she can keep herself busy with a tennis ball for an hour.


  1. My aunt actually bought a toy (from a store) that you are supposed to put an empty plastic bottle inside, so that the dog can do exactly what your dogs seem to like doing without the added layer of cloth and extra expense.