Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Happy List

This has been an interesting week, full of sleepless night, broken cars, torrential downpours, and bored, destructive dogs.  That says it's time for another happy list to me.

the light-up globe
my covered-with-clouds, supersoft bathrobe
promising new shows
wonderful, tragically cancelled shows
arriving tomorrow best friends
live recordings of Flight of the Concords
leftover carnival cotton candy
Mom's zucchini quiche recipe
my flowering cucumber vines
making plans to swim in the river

Okay, that's plenty of happy for today.  Should tide my over until Laura (the aforementioned best friend) gets here tomorrow!


    You totally got me into it. Haha. I saw the posting on Have Degree and I reserved the first season at the library and finished it in two days. Which I'm not proud of, but I adored it. The second one is waiting for me to pick it up:)

  2. I'm so very glad to have convinced you! SO GOOD!