Monday, July 12, 2010

Pioneer Days

Here in Marlinton, we've got two big events: Pioneer Days, and the Autumn Harvest Festival and Roadkill Cook-Off.  No, I am not making that second one up.  Promise.  As the name implies, the Autumn Harvest Festival doesn't occur until September.  But last week, ah, last week was Pioneer Days.  They technically began on Wednesday, and by Friday, the town was in full fair mode.  A big flea market popped up next to the trail, a carnival appeared by the Humane Society, and all down Third Avenue, it was corn-dogs and fries, far as the eye could see.

Tamar came up Friday night and brought Jake, a VISTA from further afield in West Virginia, who we hadn't seen since PSO.  Friday night was all about shenanigans, first in our house, then up the mountain a ways at another VISTA's house.  Much trouble was gotten into, and fun had by all.  Saturday was our fair day.
First up, after a pancake breakfast, we went to the library to see if I'd won anything.  Guess what!  Unfortunately, there was nothing saying just WHAT I'd won the ribbon for (there were several categories).  I can only assume it was in the black and white category, but I didn't see any other black and white photos with ribbons.  Ah, well.
On to the flea market!  Tamar and Jake were completely perplexed by this pen holder which may or may not have shown the World Trade Center in flames.  For my part, the flea market was good to me.  I scored a vintage Rock City commemorative plate, a Pyrex bowl in a pattern I love, and, wonder of wonders, the holy grail of my growing globe collection: a light-up globe (which I have always, always wanted).
On to the craft hall (housed in the opera house).  Tamar had tons of quilts to look at, while Jake debated the merits of buying a mushroom log.  He decided in favor of mushrooms, then carried the log around for the rest of the day, prompting many looks and explanations that it was a MUSHROOM log, no, not just any log, it's going to sprout MUSHROOMS.

After a return home to rest, hydrate, and abandon Vista, we returned for the parade.  It was supposed to rain, so I didn't think much about how much skin I was showing.  Now I am just very grateful that my skin fades sunburns very quickly.  Still, ow.
This year's Pioneer Days theme (which baffled me a bit, since I assumed that PIONEERS were the theme) was the 1967 Marlinton High School football team, who had been the state champs that year.  Here the guys are on the float.
We ended standing behind Patch Adams at the parade, who was all decked out.  I liked the dude with the spoons best, however.
Finally, finally, Kat's float arrived, and she was...on a horse?  Surprise!
Apparently there was an extra horse hanging about, so Kat got to ride him!  Emily got recruited to be on the float as well.  Here she is tossing out candy!  The girl on the left is Ashely, another VISTA.
Best part of the parade?  I think so.

Renee arrived in the late afternoon, and after a pizza dinner, we headed out to the evening concerts.
Renee also wears TOMs, stylish girl that she is.
She was also pretty excited to be here!
As it got dark, I finally walked over to check out the carnival.
I grabbed a cotton candy here, then headed home, whereupon I collapsed and did not move for over a day.  Or so.

My crippling exhaustion aside, Pioneer Days were wonderful!  We had a full house of folks from all over, and so much fun.  So glad I got to experience this event, in this town.  The Autumn Harvest Festival will have to do some fancy footwork to measure up, that's for sure!


  1. Wonderful post describing a wonderful weekend! Thanks for hosting us and showing us your pioneer spirit :)

  2. I have no clue what pioneer spirit I imparted, but you're welcome. Thanks for coming!

  3. For the record, randomly, I went to college with Patch Adams' son. I think we only overlapped for a year at Guilford, though.

  4. Jules: Randomly, I think I actually knew that!