Monday, July 12, 2010

In Which A Murder Is Solved (But Not By Me)

(Sorry for the delay! Here is my family's visit, continued:)
On Friday night, we had tickets to go on a murder mystery train ride up at Cass.  That may sound hokey to you, but my mother and my main bonding activity involves solving murders committed in small British towns vicariously through the BBC, so the words "murder mystery" pretty much committed us to this activity.  As the ride involves dinner and a show, the tickets were a bit more expensive than other Cass rides.  We coughed it up, and my mother declared it my big birthday present.  In retrospect, I might have insisted on that new pair of TOMs, instead, but it was a pretty good time, regardless.

I am shamed to say that the hours we've spent watching murders being solved by other people (to say nothing of my status as undisputed Clue champion of the family) did not seem to provide Mom and me with quite enough skill to solve this particular murder.  We spread out our guesses instead, and, lo and behold, my father was the only one who fingered the killer.  Something he is not likely to let us forget anytime soon.

If you're considering coming to visit our little corner of the world and you enjoy old-timey things, I would definitely recommend a visit to Cass and a ride on the rail.  Just perhaps not of the murder mystery variety.

I took many photos while we were there, all of which I seem to have lost Just kidding, found my photos!  Up top, the steam engine arriving to pick us up.  If you're eagle-eyed, you'll notice that the engine is backwards.  Because of the route up the mountain, the engine had to both push and pull the train, so this position was the most logical.
Parents debating why exactly the engine is turned around in my photo (the one up top).
The neat lumber mill we passed on the way up.  Moving lumber was the Cass railroad's original purpose (as was the case for just about all of the trains in our neck of the mountains).
The cast of characters revealing the murderer after the ride (it was the lady in the pink dress--for shame!).
I took this to get the "Men at Work" sign, but ended up loving the bit with the parents even better.
The gorgeous sky as we drove home.

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