Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Weekend Home

So, home!  Photos first:
It took Vista a long time to get used to my dad's monstrous car, but after about an hour and a half of pacing its (not inconsiderable) length, she settled in.
But the realization that she was at the perfect height to watch the world speed by was irresistible.
Mama took me to this fantastic little bookshop.  Lord only knows how long it's been there, but this was a first visit for me.  It's equal parts comics and used book shop, both halves coexisting peacefully.  The place had a haphazard feel, but I quickly realized and was incredibly impressed by someone's diligent alphabetization of every section of books.  Mama had to drag me out of there, practically kicking and screaming.  We also went to another shop, home of the aforementioned Macabre section, which, said shelves aside, was basically disappointing.

Books in hand, I grabbed coffee with a good friend and then scuttled off to these guys to get 5 inches (and it feels like a solid pound) of hair chopped off.  After that, I finally got the Thai food I've been craving (Pad See Ew with chicken, if you're curious), and caught a late showing of the eagerly awaited Scott Pilgrim with another good friend (my SP avatar--pre-hair chopping, his SP avatar).  I am choosing to forget the agonizing car troubles and conclude with: Good, good times.

Finally, the wedding.  Laura (not this one; I know a few Lauras) is someone I can't ever remember not knowing.  We grew up in the same church, went to the same schools, and frequently haunted the same hang-outs.  The week before my 16th birthday, as I was just about to leave for Mexico for 2 weeks, Laura gave me a miniature Audi convertible and a hand-made pin which read "It's My Birthday!  So You Better Be Nice To Me," to take along with me.  The car lived on my desk for YEARS, and made me so very, very happy.  Laura's the sort of gal who thinks about the stuff that will make other people happy.  She's pretty awesome that way.  So even though I didn't really know anyone at the wedding (I was the only friend from way-back-when invited, it seems), it was still so wonderful to see her, all dressed in white and glowingly happy.

Sunday, I had a fantastic brunch with a fantastic couple of friends for one of their birthdays, and then--after a short period in which I was trapped in a Metro station upon realizing they'd hiked the fares without changing the website and I was 20 cents too poor to get out--I threw dog and paraphernalia in the car (my car, finally, although now the sun roof rattles ominously and the interior lights NEVER TURN OFF) and headed back to the mountains.

Which brings us to today.  Lovely, quiet, boring today.  Vista was apparently so exhausted by her canine cousins that she might actually sleep all day today.  Would that I could, too!

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  1. I really love my niece. She's absolutely adorable and I miss her like WHOA.

    You look SO pretty in your blue dress!

    Love and miss you.