Monday, August 30, 2010

A Night At The Drive-In

On Friday, we had a gathering of all of the Pocahontas Communications Cooperative VISTAs.  One might think (as I did) that all of the PCC VISTAs would be located in Pocahontas County, but then one would be wrong.  PCC VISTAs are all over the place--they're even in Virginia!  So a gathering of them all involved folks coming from all over.  We had Jerry, Long-Lost Cousin Lilly, and Lilly's dog Gigi bunking with us and on Thursday night we all drove into Buckeye for a movie at the drive-in.

The Buckeye drive-in has been closed for a good while, but the screen remains.  Recently, after a fortuitous thrift store find (a little device that broadcasts sound on a radio frequency), a local fellow decided to breath life back into the old drive-in.  He picks a movie, sends out an e-mail announcing the show time, borrows a projector from the library, and away we go.  For now, the shows are free, but donations are encouraged to pay for food and to keep the grass cut.  Thursday's show was Return of the Jedi.
Jerry, Lilly, the two dogs, and I were all piled into the back of my Dad's Suburban (as my car was in Virginia through yesterday) with the rear of the car facing the screen and the window hatch popped open.  It turned out to be the best way to watch a film.
We had a blast!  It's so nice to be in a place where folks see the resurrection of a vestige of a previous era as a worthwhile pursuit.  I sure as heck do.


  1. How fun!! I've never been to a drive in, but have always wanted to :)

  2. It's really an experience that shouldn't be missed.