Monday, August 23, 2010

What Vista Does In Her Down Time

This is what Vista did this morning:
This shows me pitching in, but she can do this with just about any toy for ever.  She is really, really good at entertaining herself.  It also helps that she is the first dog I've had who can see things on tv.  To date, here is the list of her favourite things to watch:

1. Dinosaurs (like in this show--she really loved the sabertooth tiger episode)
2. Horses
3. Car chases
4. Sword fights
5. Anything animated (she loved Futurama)

Clearly it mostly has to do with movement (she gets really excited when I move the Wii curser around onscreen), but it's also sound, I think.  We haven't watched any sports, but I'm betting she'd love that, too.  Her absolute fav are horses, for sure.  When there are horses, she puts her paws on the middle shelf (the tv sits on an old bookshelf) and gets her face right up close.  Just one more way that having this dog around makes my life a little bit interesting.


  1. So smart. So gorgeous.

    This video and post made my day!

    Love to you both.