Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It occurred to me recently that there are no photos of Vista and me together.  Granted, I've only had her about 3 months, but considering the number of photos I take on a daily basis, one would think I'd have managed to get the two of us together.  Tonight, ensconced in my room, I decided to set the timer on my camera and give it a try.  The following series is the result.
Okay, now look...look at the camera...what are you doing?
If you could just maybe sit up?  Maybe?
Alright, maybe if I look at the camera and ignore the fact that you're impersonating a corpse...
Oh, come on, now.  Please?

And that was the end of that.  To be fair, it probably would have been wiser of me to attempt this BEFORE her nightly ear cleaning, the thing she hates most in the entire universe, no matter how many treats I bribe her with.  So the self-timer experiment failed, but I'd like to think that enlisting someone else to man the camera might help...sadly, I think her reaction will mainly be confusion regardless.

I did manage to get some other photos, minus Vista, all pretty and lit by the globe, which will probably show up in a subsequent post.  Until then!

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