Monday, June 21, 2010

A Greater Glimpse of Lewisburg

 Okay, not MUCH more of a glimpse, although I think you can see more in this photo of the theatre than you could in the polaroid.
I love this sign.  I've almost taken a photo of it every time I've been in Lewisburg, but stopped because I could never find a composition I liked.  Turns out I just needed to wait until dark.
Super, super jealous if Tamar's plants!
Barley and Vista, hanging out.  They got along really well together, and we think some of Vista's quietness (she makes almost no noise at all) rubbed off on Barley (who makes a great deal of noise, all the time).  Unfortunately, the influence might have worked in reverse, too--Vista started barking at the rain Saturday night!


  1. Well, you know--who could blame her? Rain is very scary.

    And it is wet. And who really enjoys being wet?

  2. Aw, he doesn't bark ALL the time. I hope he didn't really rub off on Vista. Barley never barks at rain, only men, and some small children, and clapping and laughing and hitting and doors opening. I just try to avoid those things.

  3. Haha, things my dog won't let me do: laugh, clap, open doors, hit people. People my dog won't let me see: men, children. Hmmmm...