Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Square Dance Post

This will be a quick one (i.e., fewer than 10,000 photos).  Last night I went to a square dance at the Opera House, thrown as a part of this week's Allegheny Echoes music camp.  Tamar and Renee, another Greenbrier County VISTA, came to town for the occasion and we had SO MUCH FUN, y'all!  Lots of photos were taken, but the best are on Tamar's camera, so I'll save the larger post for when I have those to show.  For now, here's a little video of the dance!
Tamar, Renee, and I are in the top group, closest to the stage.  I'm wearing a black skirt and a white tank top.  Two bands played, and they were both amazingly good.  I hope I'll have the opportunity to go to another square dance at some point this year!


  1. Kelly, I think this will be the year of you being filmed doing social dancing. This is awesome!

  2. Thanks, y'all! My calves still hurt something awful, though!