Monday, June 7, 2010

There And Back Again

Here you are, friends: my weekend in photos. Well, sort of. Photos from when I remembered to bring my camera along.
Vista on our drive out.  I've never had a dog who loved having the wind in her face as much as this one. You can see a little of her pretty new collar here, too.
A glimpse of the Virginia countryside I spent hours driving through.
My mom and I took the dogs with us when we went to get dinner.  Here's Summer manning the wheel.
While Vista and Leilani take care of the backseat driving.
On Saturday morning, Adam and I grabbed breakfast at the historic Vienna Inn.  I love that our iconic eatery is primarily known for its greasy food and grumpy wait staff.  Ah, home.
Good friend--such a treat!  He lives in DC now, so I almost never get to see him, even when I'm home.
When not battling over a bone or toy, they were pretty good buddies.  Taken before we made the switch to Vista sleeping in a kennel.  She took to it very well, actually.
We stopped at an overlook about 40 miles from Marlinton on the drive back.  Just to give you an idea of the astounding beauty that surrounds us.
 There were snails at the overlook--it was meant to be!
Vista hanging out, completely unaware of the magnificent view just steps away. Yes, there are photos of me at the overlook, and no, you can't see them.
Okay, fine, you can see this one.  No judging, I'd just been driving for 4 hours and the sun was in my eyes.


  1. THAT is a happy dog! Looks like you had a good trip home. I think I may have passed the same mountain on my way home once, when I decided to take the scenic route (aka, the reallllllly long way) to Berkeley Springs. I'm pretty sure I have almost the same photo. It's just so darn pretty :)

  2. Yeah, I've missed that overlook every time I've passed it (going too fast and unable to turn around). Fortunately, I recognized the road and realized I was coming up on it in time to slow down. Totally worth it.