Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Pretty Disjointed Post

Weekend before last, my first weekend after moving to West Virginia, I drove to Charlottesville, Virginia to watch my baby brother graduate from the University of Virginia.  Those were the halcyon days, before I'd been adopted by a clingy dog or discovered the ancient secrets of hanging clothes on a line.  I got there a day before my parents, and my brother humored me by taking me to every used bookstore in town.  I was in bibliophile heaven!  Well, sort of.  As I mentioned before, I have been confounded by the lack of ANY romance novels in used book shops lately, and the places in Charlottesville started the trend.  Despite feeling oddly discriminated against, I found a lot to love in the places we hit, Blue Whale Books, Read It Again, Sam, and a third place I cannot find online but it was in an old garage and had "Rainbow" in the name.  I also fell in love with Sidetracks Music, which has a fantastic selection of new and used records.

Huh.  I wasn't planning on saying all of that at all.  The plan was: mention Charlottesville, graduation, how my camera died the day before commencement and my mother forgot hers, prompting a late-night drive to CVS to buy a disposable one, which was used but left with several shots left, resulting in the photos you see here (scroll to the end for the one outlier).  The end.
I'm not ace on plan execution.  Anyways.  On Monday, the girls and I invited some people over for a Memorial Day feast, but we had storms which took out a lot of folks' electricity, who assumed that we'd lost ours, as well, and--long story short--only two people showed (two very lovely fellow VISTAs), and we had about a million ears of corn left over.

Fortunately, Emily eats ears of corn like I eat cookies.  Which is to say, almost to the exclusion of all else.  
We have a large, very deep porch, which keeps us sheltered from even the worst of the rains we get here.  This is Emily enjoying it one evening a little while ago.  I am happy to say that the chest of drawers in the background has been dismantled and taken away.  So now, of the miscellaneous items which were on our porch when we moved in, the toilet (both halves), car battery, and chest of drawers are gone.  Leaving the fridge, which isn't as bad as you'd think.  For a fridge, it's pretty inconspicuous.

I was really looking forward to the First Friday celebration in Lewisburg tomorrow, but at the last minute I've been called back home for a very special occasion.  Perhaps you will hear about it next week.  At the very least, you will hear about Vista's experiences with the pets I left behind.  As for tomorrow, as disappointed as I am, I figure I've got a few more Fridays with which to redeem myself.

ps: Just in case you only came by to see my family--for whatever reason--here you go:

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