Friday, June 4, 2010

Vista & Boone

Yesterday, another Marlinton VISTA came by to introduce herself and drop off some things.  It was lovely to meet her (we'd e-mailed a bit in the months before I moved), but the real excitement came when her dog, Boone, who is himself a West Virginia rescue, invited himself into the shop to drink from Vista's water bowl.  He was extremely shy with us, but FASCINATED with Vista.  In no time at all, they were buddies.  Once we were done with things inside, we let the dogs run around a little in the side yard.  Suffice it to say that Vista had a blast:
 I filmed a little bit too, which probably shows Vista better than most photos of her, simply because it's bloody hard to get photos of her.  And it's worth it for the very end, when Boone manages to lose her in the most hilarious fashion.

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